The Little Entrepreneur

The Little Entrepreneur is an inspirational storybook that follows the journey of a young elephant named Hugo as he transforms his talents into running a successful juice corner business.
Entrepreneurship is an invaluable and important skill that every child should learn. Having an entrepreneurial spirit early on in life allows children to view the world differently: instead of seeing problems, they can start to identify opportunities. With this vision, behaviors like risk-taking and problem-solving come into play, helping children develop as successful thinkers and doers.
This is a business adventure storybook that helps children learn about what it takes to become an entrepreneur in an interesting way. The lesson learned on Hugo’s journey will educate the reader that there are certain ways children can make their own money. The story plants the seed of entrepreneurship and self-empowerment in young minds. This is an inspirational book that the whole family will enjoy. Recommended reading age is 4-10.