Minah, The SuperGirl

If your child asks, “What does it mean to be a superhero? Or how can one become a superhero? Buy him this book rather than buying a superhero cape or a costume. This book will answer the queries of those little minds unaware that they possess hundreds of hidden superpowers and can use them to save the world. Minah’s journey of finding her superpowers is going on, and she is revealing those powers one by one. Let’s read her exciting life events and check if those superpowers are present in your child too.

Mina, ambitious to become a superhero,tries hard to find her hidden superpowers. As her secret superpowers are revealed, she learns the real meaning of being a “Superhero.” “Finding My Superpowers” is the first book of the “Mina the Supergirl” series. Each book in the series is a moral story about a new and exciting adventure in her life that will have young readers inspired by her superheroic actions.

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