A Coach With Her Positive Approach

Coach With Her Positive Approach is an inspiring Yoga Poem by Dr. Amina Yaqoob. Each page of this book is a beautiful depiction of the Yoga poses and explain the value of self-care and self-love.

Based on a true story of a girl transformation, this rhyming story book will tell us the key to self-acceptance.

The starting lines are;

There was a time when I felt so small

I imagined the world like a messy big ball

Every day was a new maze with few more steps

Sometimes high, sometimes low and mostly perplexed

From staying fit to rejuvenating oneself, Yoga is the true essence of life. This children story book is all about the meditation, self-care, self-love and fitness. Children, parents, students and teachers will equally love to read aloud this beautiful Yoga poem and enjoy the transformation of a sad girl into a live wire.
A must-have for every book-shelf.