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  • A Coach With Her Positive Approach

    Coach With Her Positive Approach is an inspiring Yoga Poem by Dr. Amina Yaqoob. Each page of this book is a beautiful depiction of the Yoga poses and explain the value of self-care and self-love.

    Based on a true story of a girl transformation, this rhyming story book will tell us the key to self-acceptance.

    The starting lines are;

    There was a time when I felt so small

    I imagined the world like a messy big ball

    Every day was a new maze with few more steps

    Sometimes high, sometimes low and mostly perplexed

    From staying fit to rejuvenating oneself, Yoga is the true essence of life. This children story book is all about the meditation, self-care, self-love and fitness. Children, parents, students and teachers will equally love to read aloud this beautiful Yoga poem and enjoy the transformation of a sad girl into a live wire.
    A must-have for every book-shelf.

  • Learn 123 with Callie

    Meet the mischievous Kitten named Callie who is all set to teach you numbers from 1 to 10 by introducing herself and her sweet daily routine.  This cute little book is the perfect way to learn the numbers. Featuring colorful art created by Amina Yaqoob from MoralityTales Preschool books for ages 3-5, this primer is a must-have for libraries, home-schoolers, Kindergarten, and baby shower gifts to quickly start a child’s bookshelf. Bright, colorful pictures with numbers will be an interesting way for your toddlers as they can easily learn how to count and become much smarter. Your toddler will fall in love with this book and will be able to identify and count from 1 to 10 numbers in an interesting, funny and engaging way.

  • Little John at His Own

    Little John shares his journey of independence and self-belief with us in this lovable rhyming narrative. Independence is an invaluable skill for children to learn and develop. Having independence allows children to become competent in their own capabilities, build their confidence, and enable them to go out into the world with the capability of tackling any challenge. With beautiful illustrations that bring his story to life, this wonderful book will offer both parents and children a timeless reminder of the importance of independence. A must-have for every Bookshelf!

  • Rosy and Jessy

    Jessy used to hate everyone in the garden. She never trusted anyone and always preferred to be isolated. No one in the garden ever dared to be her friend. But Rosy, the most loving and charming flower of the garden, finally broke out of Jessy’s isolation shell and practiced empathy to win her heart.
    Do you wanna know How Rosy transformed the rude Jessy into a lovely happy flower? Read the full story here and enjoy this wonderful tale of Empathy.

    Happiness begins by taking care of others. We are all beautiful on the inside, so we should never judge someone by the way they look.
  • The Little Entrepreneur

    The Little Entrepreneur is an inspirational storybook that follows the journey of a young elephant named Hugo as he transforms his talents into running a successful juice corner business.
    Entrepreneurship is an invaluable and important skill that every child should learn. Having an entrepreneurial spirit early on in life allows children to view the world differently: instead of seeing problems, they can start to identify opportunities. With this vision, behaviors like risk-taking and problem-solving come into play, helping children develop as successful thinkers and doers.
    This is a business adventure storybook that helps children learn about what it takes to become an entrepreneur in an interesting way. The lesson learned on Hugo’s journey will educate the reader that there are certain ways children can make their own money. The story plants the seed of entrepreneurship and self-empowerment in young minds. This is an inspirational book that the whole family will enjoy. Recommended reading age is 4-10.

  • You Can Say No

    Colin and Mia were playing hide and seek with uncle John when an unusual situation happened. Mia confidently dealt with it and taught a Moral lesson to the readers.

    A “must-read” story book for every child. Boys and girls can relate to Colin and Mia, while enjoying the interactive illustrations. Recommended for parents and teachers to build-up the courage in the children and train them to confidently face the uncomfortable situations. A “must-have” on every bookshelf.


  • The Prince Who Ate The Grass

    Perfect for the fans of folktales and Moral stories, The Prince who ate the Grass is a moral story with captivating characters and vibrant art. This story teaches the kids about kindness, hospitality, intelligence, and the virtue.
    The farmer asked all of his daughters to host the visitor, but how his younger daughter won the hearts of the readers through her outstanding cooking skills is worth reading. Is there truly a Prince who ate the grass, or is something else going on in cookery?

    With the gravitating artwork, the magic of folktale is captured on each page as readers tag along the characters of the farmer and her intelligent daughter. A perfect bedtime story for both boys and girls. Bonus material providing your child the brainstorming activities in the last few pages; the maze game and the word search.

    Pick up The Prince who ate the Grass if you are looking for

    • Bedtime story books, home-school curriculum, story reading time, ideal for your classroom, and more!
    • A classic read for ages 4 and up
    • Educational stories about the moral values
  • I Wish to be a Butterfly Keeper

    Kids love the fluttering butterflies and playing with them. A lot of children even want to have them as pets. This sweet lovely book is all about the fantasy of keeping butterflies and enjoying their existence everywhere. The gravitating illustrations will take the readers to a new world of butterflies where they can feel the beauty of twinkling butterflies around themselves. Another key feature of this unique book is that it represents multiple races, diversity of kids and places.

  • The Fiber For Your Fashion

    It is a descriptive book about the cotton plant for the young readers. The book gives a clear idea of the textile industry and cotton production. The beautiful illustrations catch the reader’s attention and explain the concept of Cotton production in an engaging way.