Empowering Our Youth Through Storytelling: Founder of Morality Tales, Dr. Amina Yaqoob

Author, Illustrator, and Entrepreneur Dr. Amina Yaqoob started her career creating children’s storybooks on educational, fiction, affirmation, and fantasy topics. Now, as the Founder of Morality Tales, she continues to develop children’s story books and customized books. Dr. Amina will soon release the book series, “Minah, the Supergirl” and launch the first book of this series entitled “Finding My Superpowers” in late 2022.

In our current climate, where education is key in kids’ lives, we are overjoyed to highlight such an inspirational woman as Dr. Amina Yaqoob, who has dedicated her life to empowering the youth throughout her writing and creative career.

Heart of Hollywood Magazine readers, please enjoy our interview!

Tell me about who you are and what inspired you to become an author.

I have a Ph.D. in Plant Biotechnology and defended my dissertation in 2021. I’ve served as a Research Associate at the Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology (CEMB) at the University of Punjab for the past few years. I am a founder of Morality Tales, a private company developing children’s story books and customized books. I am a story writer and Illustrator. I love traveling, canvas painting, sketching, cooking, digital drawings, and gardening.

I started freelancing to create children’s storybooks on educational, fiction, affirmation, and fantasy topics. I got the opportunity of working with some renowned children’s storybook authors like Dr. Pamela Gurley, Author Caryn Lee, Danicia C. Tate, and several other children’s literacy associations. I must say, those collaborations actually boosted my confidence and polished my skills immensely, so I started to think about creating my own storybooks for children.

On a typical day, how much time do you spend writing?

It depends. Writing children’s story books and then illustrating them is something I love to do. I take it passionately rather than just professionally. I need to estimate the time I spend writing and illustrating. Sometimes, if I don’t feel creative, I don’t do any work the whole day, and some days I do nothing except write and illustrate.

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