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She was totally awesome. She understood what I needed. For the changes I requested her to make, she returned the updates so quickly. Very professional, she even worked with me as this is my first project. Very Knowledgable. You will be amazed at your finished product and process working with her


Seller was quick and professional. I could not accurately describe what I wanted. She followed instructions as best she could. Would I use her for another project? Most definitely.


One of the most seamless experiences I have ever had with a designer. She knew exactly what I needed.


Artist very responsive and earnestly put forth the effort to complete client’s artistic vision. My first book will use again!


Marvelous! It is always a great experience to work with Amina. She not only brings my vision to life in my children’s book, but when I miss something she asks questions so that if it is an error, I have the opportunity to correct it. At the end I always have a better product. I can’t ask for anything more.


Amina, was patient, kind and provided beautiful illustrations to bring my story to life. She is very skilled, creative and takes pride in her work. We worked through together diligently with good communication which was very helpful for completion. She is a hard worker, professional and dedicated. I highly recommend her, I am very pleased and looking forward to hiring her to illustrate again!


I have worked with her before on my last book. But this time she surprised me. I think this time this book is my favorite so far. She is very professional and understands what my vision is. I look forward to working with her again soon.


Amina is great! Very professional, patient, will work with you to construct your vision. Amina will diligently work out any issues that may arise. Amina is also good at giving her input without taking away from idea. Would definitely recommend! Thank you Amina!


Amina is wonderful! She is professional and very patient. This is my 2nd children’s book and she has illustrated them both to my complete satisfaction. I would highly recommend her.


She is outstanding! Absolutely one of the most talented and creative illustrators! From start to finish she accommodated all of my requests, revisions, and was super patient with me. She made sure everything was perfect and was to my liking. I will for sure be using her again and would recommend her to anyone


This was a great treat to work with Amina, this was the first time she illustrate stuff like this, and got every detaile corret and with attention. she had so much patience for me and I am greatful for it. thanks a lot!